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What is Low-E

Low-E means “low emissivity”, which describes a surface that emits low levels of radiant heat. Low-E glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating that reflects long-wave infrared energy (heat). This coating is what makes windows “low-E”, about 1/200th the thickness of human hair, this coating is able to efficiently keep heat on the same side it originates from while still letting in visible light. Low-E coatings play an important role in the overall performance of a window and can impact overall heating, lighting and cooling of a home.

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Argon Gas

Argon is the third most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere and has been used for a number of applications, like for it’s heat insulating effect between the layers of a SCUBA diving drysuit. In the window industry, argon gas is inexpensive, non-toxic and odorless, used to fill the space between two panes of glass, increasing energy efficiency and reducing sound transfer.

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